Access Control Systems

So many choices to consider if you are interested in installing a keyless access system. Keyless entry works with electronic locks, which can be activated in a number of ways. As needed, these various methods of keyless entry can be combined into a unified keyless access system.

Take a look at our Keyless Access Control  product offerings to learn more about the types of keyless access products that can be included in the design your system.

Access Control
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Keyfob Access Systems
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Cloud Based Systems
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The Best Access Control Systems of 2018. When it comes to keeping your business and employees secure, facility access control is the most efficient way to prevent unauthorized visitors, restrict certain employees from accessing sensitive areas and managing your employees’ access.


Access Control, CCTV, Alarms, Videos.

Employee safety, internal and external losses, and employee turnover are common security challenges that businesses face. To help you maintain a higher level of security, Brooklyn Heights Locksmith offers a comprehensive product line of security access control systems ranging from small, single door applications to multi-site, campus-style systems.

Whatever your access control needs may be, we can customize, install, and maintain the right system for you.

Commercial Access Control Benefits:

  • Program times and areas for authorized access
  • Eliminate the need to re-key your building(s) due to turnover
  • Control access to sensitive or high-risk areas
  • Disarm intrusion detection sensors during entry to eliminate false alarms
  • Decrease security threats by restricting walk-ins
  • Add and delete employees quickly and easily
  • Features & Options
  • Online system management
  • Maintain employee profiles in database
  • Interactive information and activity reports of user traffic/movement throughout the building
  • Vandal-resistant readers with PIN code option
  • Elevator access control
  • System expansion
  • Real-time monitoring
  • System user records
  • Receive email alerts